• Products inspired by the Earth.

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Hi! We’re SeaStraws.

We do business inspired by our home: the Earth.

Here you’ll find straws and cutlery that are made from renewable forestry and backyard compostable, or contribute to a circular economy through reusability. We believe in sustainability, education, and advocacy to enable conversation in our community, where change starts. We believe a sustainable future is possible — and it happens when you get involved.

Our Materials

Good for the planet, good for the people. We care about you - that’s why we use the best materials we can to protect you and our environment all at the same time!

A partnership rooted in sustainability.

Let’s make a change!

Beyond straws, food service products are among 9 of the top 10 plastic items polluting our beaches and waterways. We can prevent this.

Let’s take a look at what we can help change, together!


So why paper?

Plastic Straw

Breaks down in 200 years.

Made from polypropylene (#5)
plastic resin.

Rarely recyclable.

Bio-plastic Straw

Breaks down in 3-6 months in a commercial composting facility.

Home composting not recommended.

Not recyclable.


Breaks down in 60 days
in your home compost, backyard, and even the ocean.

Made with paper from renewable forestry and vegan waxes and inks.

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