• Feels like a plastic straw, but will last hundreds of years less in the environment.

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Who is SeaStrawsCo?

We do business inspired by our home: the Earth. We believe that straws are the starting point of our clients' broader sustainability journey, and we recognize the unique impact the hospitality industry has in its ability to place products that represent the ideals of a better world in the hands of millions of people. Together with our clients, we give life to products that are typically thrown in the trash.

What started out as a passion project between undergraduate college students has turned into a nationwide movement. Over the past five plus years, we have sold over six million straws.

We believe in sustainability, education, and advocacy to enable conversation in our community, where change starts. Our clients are changemakers, whether they are university dining systems, Michelin-starred restaurants, or local coffee shops. All client purchases contribute to a cycle of impact, as 1% of our revenue is pledged to nonprofits that are dedicated to protecting the environment.

It is an honor and a privilege to know that with the help of our clients, millions of people have been exposed to a tangible touchpoint of the movement against the plastic pollution of our seas, streets, and bodies. In doing so, our clients have made it possible for us to replace over six thousand pounds of plastic waste.

We believe a sustainable future is possible — and it happens when you get involved.

So, why use a Konza Earth Straw?

Plastic Straw

Breaks down in 200 years in a natural environment.

Not compostable at home.

Will not biodegrade if dropped in the ocean, potentially harming marine life for centuries.

Other Bioplastic Straws

Breaks down in 3-6 months in a commercial composting facility.

Not compostable at home.

Will not biodegrade if dropped in the ocean, potentially harming marine life for centuries.

Our Konza Earth Straw

Breaks down in twelve weeks in your home compost, backyard, or the ocean.

Certified home compostable.

Will biodegrade if dropped in the ocean, preventing harm to marine life.

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Thank you for your consideration of taking the first step towards a better world.

Even if you choose not to join us, we appreciate you browsing our site and hope you will think of other ways you can have an impact on your planet and its people.