Introducing the Konza Earth Straw: A Sustainable Partnership

On 6/5/2023, World Environment Day 2023, - a company that provides sustainable straws for the hospitality industry - has announced the launch of the distribution of its newest product: the Konza Earth Straw. The Konza Earth Straw is a home compostable straw made from renewable wood pulp that breaks down in twelve weeks in any environment. The straw is named after the Konza Prairie, a native tallgrass prairie ecosystem in Kansas that is home to a long-term ecological research program.

The Konza Earth Straw is the result of a distribution partnership between and KonzaWare, a company that manufactures sustainable tableware from certified home compostable materials. will be distributing KonzaWare products nationwide in the United States, starting by offering customers a range of compostable straws that are made in North America and do not generate microplastics. If the Konza Earth straw is launched successfully through this partnership, the technology and materials that power the Konza Earth Straw could be applied to other disposable hospitality products such as cutlery, bags, clam shells, and lunch trays.

The Konza Earth Straw is available in jumbo and giant diameters, unwrapped or individually wrapped varieties, and in 5.5", 8" and 10" lengths. It is FDA/EU food safe compliant, TUV AUSTRIA OK soil biodegradable and water biodegradable certified, and BPI compost certified. It is strong, durable, taste-free, odor-free, and has a natural plastic-like feel. It can be used with cold and warm beverages and does not get soggy or collapse.

Please send inquiries for samples or more information about the Konza Earth straws distributed by SeaStraws to, or fill out this contact form.

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