The Plasty-Free Take-Out Map highlights NYC area restaurants and cafes where you can order plastic-free take-out or delivery. We're here to help you make a conscious decision on the environmental impact of your food ordering!

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What is the Plasty-Free Take-Out Map?

The Plasty-Free Take-Out Map is a new initiative taken by our team to help educate people in the NYC area about how sustainable their take-out is! We've compiled a map of restaurants and cafes that have somewhat "plastic-free" take-out or delivery, so that you can order from them without worrying (as much) about your carbon footprint! To be on the map, the establishment must have at least three out of our five categories (bags, take-out containers, cutlery, straws, and drinking cups) be plastic-free.

As our team is primarily made up of recent grads and current college students, we are focusing on the NYC neighborhoods of NoHo, the East Village, the West Village, and Greenwich Village to start. Basically anywhere between 14th and Houston streets! But, we also included every location of some chains that fit our criteria like Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, and Joe & the Juice.

This project is crowdsourced, meaning that we hope that people utilize this map and contribute to it! If you order take-out and wanna report back the sustainability results to us, click here to fill out our form. It shouldn't take you more than two minutes, and pssst: there's a surprise waiting for you at the end :)

We have big plans for this project, including account creation, a review mechanism, and maybe even a delivery service in the near future. To stay updated on our progress and be notified when we have new features, deals, or discounts with our restaurant partners, enter your phone number above!

We're stoked to have you here, so now let's make an impact together.