Seastraws Brand Guidelines


At Seastraws we care about our culture - it's what makes us, us! Here at SeaStraws we foster a culture of excellence and transparency. People and planet are at the heart of our company and how we care for each other and care for Mother Earth are what makes us special.

MISSION: Our mission is to empower hospitality through sustainable alternatives. We champion the future through sustainable products and education, and we are committed to making sustainable living the new norm.

VISION: Our vision is an empowered and educated community living in harmony with the earth. 

Our Story

The SeaStraws team may be located on the island of Manhattan, but their hearts lie in the Jersey Shore. As kids, we looked forward to the freedom of summers at Brick Beach, and the weekly venture down the parkway became completely worth it from the moment we stepped on the sandy beach and caught sight of the glistening ocean. 

We want to preserve this feeling for future generations. And with that, the SeaStraws journey began.

For us sustainability means building products made from the best renewable and natural materials, and making sure they are made fairly and ethically.

Sustainability also means educating our community and future generations. It is at the core of our work at SeaStraws (S.E.A. – sustainability, education, and advocacy) to make information around environmental policies and issues accessible for everyone.

Our Name 

Our name Seastraws comes from our connection with the oceans and the mission we have to save the seas. Our name strives to help people connect plastic straws with the harming of marine wildlife and the polluting of the ocean. 

How to use the name

We're Seastraws or *

On social channels we're seastrawsco

Also we use

Seateam or Seafam for our team members and community

* this is our web URL


Our logo was created using the dolphin, one of the friendliest and smartest marine animals. Community is very important to dolphins and it's also important to us! We chose to use the dolphin not only because it had personal significance to our founders but also to show that the plastic pollution problem extends beyond the sea turtles. 

Several logo versions can be used, depending on the available space or layout. These are the primary versions that should be used.


Use this for branding the cover slides of presentation decks, the tops of documents, and most design things. If needed, this can be applied over light photos that are too bright to use the white logo over.


Use this for branding the corners of presentation decks, mock-ups, or any design that involves two side by side columns.


Use this lil' friend for icons, favicons, and all designs where the dolphin will be small! This will help our logo look cleaner when shrunk.


This logo can be used interchangeably with horizontal blue. Save the seas logo typically also goes on educational material and brand packaging.


Use these when space allows for a long design as opposed to square or tall. Use these also for straw or wrapper customization. 


Use these when the design background is Seastraws Blue or another color. White logos (horizontal, vertical, or save the seas) can be used over nature photos as well. 


Do not alter the Seastraws logo in any way.Do not animate, color, rotate, skew, or apply effects to the logo. 

Do not separate the elements. Never attempt to create the logo yourself, change the font, or alter the size or proportions.

Our logo should not be manipulated, stretched, distorted, cropped, or altered in any way.

Do not reproduce visual identities in other colors.

Stick to our color schemes, see below.

Do not use the logo over off-brand colors unless it is a collaboration.

Do not apply any visual effects.



Seastraws’ primary color palette consists of Seastraws Blue and white, with accents of Deep Sea blue when needed. Consistent color use strengthens our brand identity.


Seastraws’ brand typeface is Avenir. To add flexibility, the full Avenir family can be used in any materials. Use the different weights within the family to create text hierarchy. 


Brand goal

We want to to encourage and educate our community on the current state of plastic pollution and guide them in their steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Primary message

We're on a mission to save the seas through sustainable 100% backyard compostable foodservice options.

Value Proposition

Beyond being a provider of sustainable foodservice products, we also offer sustainability education. We guide all our customers in how to talk about the changes they are making and why it is sustainable.

Our brand is recognizable and connects the issue of plastic pollution + straws to the ocean and marine wildlife in danger. We strive to provide up to date and accessible information.


Seastraws' brand voice is friendly and human. It's well-informed, good-natured, and direct. 

We bring a young & fresh energy and perspective to the industry that is backed by a wealth of knowledge that we are generous with and excited to share.



Building products made from the best renewable and natural materials, and making sure they are made fairly and ethically. Educating our community to advocate for good.


We champion unusual, bold, wild, original, and innovative thinking and doing.


We love people, and we believe in the power of passionate people to make real change.


In pursuit of our dreams of a better future, we are willing endure hardship and overcome difficulty. We love exploring fresh, uncharted territory and making a way for others!


Seastraws' tone is positive. The problem of plastic pollution is serious, but we are believers in the community's ability to make a change. 

We are also informal and relaxed. We don't believe in complicated jargon for sounding fancy's sake. We may use industry terms but we will always explain it so that information is accessible to everyone. 

Corporate Messaging

How we introduce ourselves is simple and clear - memorable but not repetitive.

Who we are

Hi! We’re SeaStraws. 

We do business inspired by our home: the Earth. 

What we do

We empower hospitality through sustainable straws and cutlery that are made from renewable forestry and are backyard compostable. 

What we believe

We believe in sustainability, education, and advocacy to enable conversation in our community, where change starts. 

We believe a sustainable future is possible — and it happens when you get involved.

Writing Use Cases

Social Media

Web / UI

  • Educational and informative
  • Friendly, fun, and relatable
  • Informal 
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Get to know our team!
  • Sustainability lifestyle

  • Relaxed but not informal
  • Highlighting sustainability and "why us"
  • Intuitive design
  • Clean english with a playful twist.


Calls to Action

  • Use a catchy subject line that is playful and informational
  • Keep it brief and to the point
  • Focus on the benefits
  • Be useful!

  • Conversational
  • Empowering and encouraging
  • Invitational and friendly