SeaStrawsCo and Centerplate partnered for a Super Bowl LIV experience that was sleek, stylish, and sustainable


SeaStrawsCo's founding story starts with a single sip, so naturally we wanted to have visitors at the greatest sporting event of the year start their sustainability stories with a single sip as well. 

Why? Over the past couple years, the straw has become the symbol of the sustainability movement. One sip can make the difference in making someone aware of a cause that our company and our clients care about.

Straws are a simple product, but so accessible and transportable that it can make the switch away from single-use plastics both sustainable and stylish.

We wanted to create a game-changing experience for suite-goers at the Big Game, so we decided to make a big impression. Just like Patrick Mahomes did in the fourth quarter on Super Sunday. 


For this Super occasion, we decided to debut our new rose gold straight SeaStraw. We wanted to prove to the clientele of the luxury suites at the Big Game that sustainability is something not only to be celebrated and advocated for, but also something you can show off with Miami style.

Called the Roaring 20s Rose Gold SeaStraw, we wanted to use this straw to symbolize a new decade of optimism for our sustainable future. In a Super Bowl that included two up and coming teams with trailblazing personalities, we knew that we needed to make a splash.

There are a ton of opportunities at the Super Bowl for promotion, but how many opportunities get to be tangibly touched by the user immediately? We knew that the straws would be used, but we also wanted them to be a conversation starter. For a hospitality brand like Centerplate, the value proposition was clear, and this was an incredibly easy way for them to add a unique and unexpected position of value and delight to their visitors. 

Each Rose Gold SeaStraw was placed in our signature reusable linen bag with a commemorative card noting SeaStrawsCo and Centerplate's "Super" commitment to sustainability. Because the products are reusable, visitors took home the bags, straws, and card, serving as a constant reminder of Centerplate's surprise gift.

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